The SME Model 30/12 Turntable and V-12 Tonearm

The SME Model 30/12 Turntable Weighing in at 118 lbs., (including power supply and tonearm) and occupying a 35% greater footprint than the Model 30/2, SME’s new massive Model 30/12 turntable and V-12 tonearm create the new reference standard in analog reproduction. Evolutionary rather than revolutionary, the Model 30/12 was created essentially as a complimentary companion to the superb Series V-12 tonearm (see below), though the reversible arm board also allows for use of SME 9-inch tonearms. Utilizing all technology and features from the Model 30/2, the Model 30/12’s differences are mainly ones of scale. For example, the upgraded suspension now boasts 60 purpose-molded “O” rings creating 120 shock-absorbing strands to support the sub-chassis, which has been increased in thickness by 16%. Additionally the main chassis has received a 19% increase in thickness as well. These enhancements to the area of mass and stability afford an increase in overall rigidity that ensures a vast improvement in acoustic neutrality. In other words, the worlds best turntable just got even better!

The SME Model V-12 Tonearm The advantages of longer tonearm geometry are well known. The problems that are often encountered when designing longer tonearms have to do with the increase in tonearm mass that accompanies the additional length. SME cleverly reduces mass by die-casting the V-12 out of lightwweight (but extremely rigid) magnesium, all but alleviating such effects (meaning the tonearm is still capable of accomodating a wide variety of cartridges). The added length provides a remarkable 27% reduction in tracking distorion compared to a standard 9-inch tonearm. The implementation of materials and outstandingly fine machining make for a tonearm of unsurpassed performance (and it just happens to be standard equipment on the Model 30/12 Turntable!).
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