The SME Model 10 Turntable

This is SMEs answer to being inundated with requests for a less expensive turntable incorporating as much of the Model 30 innovations as possible. DON'T think for a minute that the Model 10 is a "dumbed down" version of its siblings. It represents a brilliant rethinking and of the same concepts that set the Models 20 and 30 so far beyond the competition.
Immediately you'll notice the difference in plinth and suspension. Instead of the square two-piece plinths of the 20 and 30, the Model 10 has a small circular footprint not much larger than the LPs it plays! Gone are the o-rings and viscous damping of the other models, replaced by a T-shaped sub-chassis using a low-compliance polymer (much like Sorbothane) for isolation and vibration damping. The same material is used for the three feet upon which the Model 10 rests.

One arm of the sub-chassis protrudes beyond the platter to accomodate tonearm mounting (it is pre-cut to accept 'arms from Rega, Kuzma, Graham, and of course, SME). A new SME tonearm, based on the excellent Model 309, was designed specifically for the Model 10 and, like the 309, features a removeable headshell and simple azimuth adjustment. The tonearm mounting base is somewhat simplified, but still retains the traditional SME forward and backward movements for adjusting cartridge overhang. A nice touch is the wire sylus guard (visible below the tonearm headshell above) that helps prevent accidental encounters with alignment and maintenance tools, fingers, hands, dustbrooms, arms, feet, babies, cats, dogs, birds, etc....

Like the Models 20 and 30, the Model 10 makes effective use of a reflex clamping system to minimize LP-platter interface problems (as well as flattening warped records!) The platter itself, though not as massive as the others in the line, is still far better than most of the puny aluminum gongs that masquerade as platters on many competitors 'tables.

The outboard power supply and speed control (sorry, no 78RPM on this one!), is simple and ergonomic: only three buttons (on/off; 33RPM; 45RPM) and five status LEDs.

Brilliantly thought out and produced, this is the SME turntable for the rest of us!

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