LP & Stylus Care Formulas

Before you get the wrong idea, LAST stands for Liquid Archival Sound Treatment, so don't read anything else into the company name!

What Walt Davies does at LAST is make cleaning and preserving fluids for just about every audio application. The LAST Formula #2 Record Preservative revolutionized LP care; LAST Formula #5 (STYLAST) did the same for cartridge styli. A couple of years ago Walt even came up with two tape formulations; one for tape heads and one for preserving the tape itself!

We won't play an LP until it's been treated with #2. Walt says that one application will virtually eliminate LP wear for 200 plays and, guess what, we believe him. (And below is photographic proof of its effectiveness!)

We've been using this stuff for 20 years; LPs we bought back then and treated with #2 sound as good as the day we bought 'em! (Of course, there isn't much to protect LPs from bonehead accidents like physically dragging the stylus across the record groove, but at least you'll KNOW where those noises came from!) Regardless of whether the LP is new or used, as soon as we've put it through our record cleaning machine, it gets treated with #2.

STYLAST Stylus Treatment (Formula #5) is another regular part of our routine. It cuts down on the heat created by friction in the LP groove which normally leads to groove-wall damage and, thus, those dreaded ticks and pops. Because it lessens the amount of friction at the stylus tip, it also helps prevent the build-up of vinyl deposits on the sides of the stylus, as well as improving overall trackability.

LAST recently introduced an environmentally-friendly reformulation of their popular Extra-Strength Record Cleaner/ Formula #1, now simply called Power Cleaner. This is the stuff to use when you find those LPs that were badly abused in their former lives. You know, the ones that bear an eerie resemblance to science projects or look like someone slathered peanut butter on 'em. As long as there's no physical damage to the vinyl itself, you can probably bring the LP back to life with the Power Cleaner. Though it comes in a tiny bottle, remember: it's highly concentrated and a little goes a long way! It's a great pre-treatment before you use LAST #3 All-Purpose Record Cleaning Fluid.

If it sounds like we've become evangelists for proper LP care, it's true; this is one subject for which we are fanatics. There's so much music out there on LP, a lot of which will never be reissued on CD or any other format. With proper care, an LP will LAST a lifetime.

Please give us a call (707-575-8626) for pricing.

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