The Hunt EDA Mk6 Record Brush

Cleaning the dust from an otherwise clean album before the stylus hits it has always been tricky; this is the best way to do the job.

Sure, there are other LP-cleaning brushes with carbon-fiber bristles, but the Hunt brush goes them all one better with a velvet pad in the center. The idea is that the outside bristles have their own static charge, and the pad has an opposing charge, meaning that any dust on the LP won't be able to hold onto the surface because it's own static field is being disrupted! (A Zerostat comes in handy here, as well!)

Bear in mind, this is a DRY record brush, DO NOT use any fluids with the Hunt brush or you'll probably ruin the bristles!

Learning the proper technique for using the Hunt brush will only take a few moments but, once learned, you'll see why this is the ONLY brush of its kind we recommend.

Hunt EDA Mk.6 Record Brush: $30.00

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