The Focal Electra 1000 Be Series Loudspeakers

The current versions of the Electra Be Series mark a significant refinement of the technological advancements that have made the Focal Utopia speakers famous - in particular, the Beryllium tweeter, but without the "cost-no-object" pricetag. These speakers transcribe a wealth of detail and image resolution along with startlingly lifelike dynamics, musical information that's lost with typical speakers. Though certainly not inexpensive, these are speakers of exceptional value for their level of performance - truly an affordable, real-world version of the Focal Utopia EM!

The new Focal Electra 1008, 1028, and 1038 Be loudspeakers

The Electra Be represent a remarkable fruition of technology and materials. Back in 2004, with the advent of JM Labs' 25th anniversary, the company released a limited edition of three special Electra-based speakers designed to incorporate the groundbreaking Berylium tweeter previously only available in their Utopia series. The 25th Anniversary Edition Electra Bes were an immediate sensation and the entire production run quickly sold out. Based on that success, the engineers went back to the drawing board and revisited the concept with the intent of an even more refined, more stylish, and even more innovative speaker they could put into regular production. The astounding two-way 1008 along with the 1028 and 1038 floorstanding loudspeakers are the evolutionary heirs to this legacy. Focals famous "W" sandwich cones have undergone extensive improvements, as has the manufacturing and design of their famous Beryllium tweeter. What this all boils down to is this: Short of the Utopia EM line, these speakers have provided us with the most lifelike listening experience we've yet encountered. Imaging is spacious and finely delineated, harmonic structure is rich and natural, and the dynamic range is explosive (when the material demands it) and practically limitless. Even with the smaller "bookshelf"-type monitor 1008 the musical experience is compelling. Like all of Focals offerings, the Electra 1000 Be speakers are amplifier-friendly and efficient as well as room-friendly. These speakers get our highest recommendation. (Champgne and Basalt finsihes shown at left, also available in Mahogany and Black Lacquer.)

Electra 1008 Be: $5,499.00/pr; 1028 Be: $8,999.00/pr.; 1038 Be: $12,999.00/pr.

Electra 1000 Be Home Theater Loudspeakers:

Want the best multi-channel system possible (without a Utopia pricetag)? The Electra Be series includes speakers specifically matched in terms of efficiency and drivers to be the perfect mates for the 1008, 1028, and 1038. Now there's no need to "make do" with loudspeakers of lesser quality when filling out that home theater system. The Electra center-channel CC1008 Be ($3,750.00) and SW1000 Be subwoofer ($4,999.00) are shown on the right. And don't forget the revolutionary Electra SR1000 Be bipolar surround speaker ($5,999.00/pr)!

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