Stream Magic 6 Network Player
No getting around it - a LOT of our customers use a hard drive as their primary storage for their music. Up to now the biggest problem with this arrangement has been providing a simple, one-box solution for streaming high-resolution audio from all of your various drives and i-devices. Here's the answer: the new Cambridge Stream Magic 6 Network Player ($999).
Combining and expanding on the best elements of Cambridges groundbreaking Sonoata NP30 and DacMagic Plus, the Stream Magic 6 is a true audiophile hub for all your digital sources. Music on your hard drive, iPad, iPhone, or Android phone? Access it all wirelessly with Cambridges inuitive and comprehensive app. Internet radio? Of course - check out 20,000 internet radio stations hosted on a secure server without any annual subscription fees, all searchable by country, genre, or data quality.. Looking to upgrade the output of your older CD player (with a digital output)? Use the Stream Magics excellent built-in DAC (using Dual-Differential 24/192 Wolfson WM8740 DACS). Even CD-quality files will sound better with the new, 2nd generation Anagram Q5 ATF 24/384 up-sampling. The technological power harnessed in the Stream Magic 6 will astound you, but it's hearing all of your music at the highest possible quality that will captivate you. That, and the Stream Magics flexibility (see below for input/output options) and inutitive interface, make this an easy recommendation for us.
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