azur 850 series components
The Cambridge Audio 851A Amplifier There's no adequate way for us to describe our admiration for the latest vesion of Cambridges flagship integrated amplifier (and its companion CD player). These have shattered preconceptions about what is possible in affordable high-performance audio. The audio press, which sang the praises of its predecessor, is giving the 851A an even warmer welcome, and no wonder: This represents the fruition of the Cambridge approach: remarkable engineering in service to amazing sound and value. The 851A ($1,850) has powerful high-current output (120 Watts a side) with dual-mono amplifier stages (and separate toroidal transformer for the preamp section), 8 inputs (2 balanced), a new, extremely high-quality Micro Analogue Systems gain stage with precise volume control (with no "click, click, click"), acoustically damped chassis, customizable front panel display with nameable inputs, and a Class A headphone output. Our highest recommendation. Available in silver or black finish.
The Cambridge 851C CD Player The original 840C garnered every possible accolade from audiophiles and high end press alike, and the new 851C is poised to make even bigger waves. This is a truly extraordinary acheivement in forward-thinking, future-proof design, engineering, and execution, and its price of $1,850 only makes it more impressive.With two Analog Devices AD1955 24-bit DACs, balanced and unbalanced outputs (as well as 6 digital outputs), and new Adaptive Time Filtering (ATF2), which intelligently up-samples input data to 24-bit/384kHz), the sound of the 851C is seriously world-class. And, while the term "digital hub" gets thrown around a lot these days, the 851C is the real deal - with the highest-quality CD playback, best DAC, and digital preamp imaginable. The chart below gives a hint of the 851Cs capabilities. Whatever digital storage or steaming device you use for music, THIS is where you want it hooked up! In concert with the 851A you've got unbeatable, state-of-the-art music playback. Our highest recommendation! (Available in silver and black)
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