750 Series Components
The azur 751BD 3D Blu-ray Universal Disc Player This is Cambridges new flagship universal disc player, and it's a stunner! Aside from the fact it will gives you access to Blu-ray, 3D Blu-ray, DVD, CD, SACD, DVD-A, AVCHD, HDCD, etc., it will play these back with better audio and video than previous possible. It uses a host of proprietary technologies that embrace Cambridges reputation for performance more commonly associated with the finest High-End audio equipment.
So you shouldn't be too surprised when I tell you that the 751BD ($1149) has five, count 'em, five separate Wolfson WM8740 D/A converters to ensure that every channel is decoded with amazing quality. Or that it uses Cambridges own Anagram Q5 192kHz upsampling system (think DacMagic) to upsample all audio to 24-bit/192kHz output, providing the ultimate sound quality from both music and movies. 2-channel music gets the royal treatment, too, with a dedicated set of analog outputs and a Pure Audio mode which shuts down the video processing to prevent any signal interference. For soundtracks, the 751BD features onboard decoding of lossless Dolby and DTS HD audio as well as a full set of 7.1 multi-channel analog outputs to allow connection to older, non-HDMI AV receivers and for the highest quality playback from high resolution sources (including multi-channel SACD). Video performance is likewise enhanced by the inclusion of an excellent Marvel QDEO video scaler to produce incredible picture quality from DVDs, which can now be viewed in sharp 1080p resolution. The 751BD even comes with a wireless dongle (802.11 b,g, and n) for the fastest wireless connection possible. (And, yes, it even has analog video component outputs!) Oh, and one more thing: the 751BD loads discs really quickly (unlike many other universal players).
All of this makes for an easy recommendation from us. If you're looking for the highest-quality playback from audio and video sources, look no further. The superb audio and stunning video performance of the 751BD will appease the most discerning of appetites.
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