650 Series Components
The Cambridge azur 651A Amplifier and 651C CD Player The 650A garnered many accolades and the new 651A is already doing the same. This 75 Watt-per-side marvel ($799) takes it to another level, with even better imaging and transparency. With finesse and a seemingly endless reserve of power, the 651A sounds superb even at lower volume levels.The new pre and subwoofer outputs make it even more flexible. The companion 650C CD player (also $799) is the perfect match, using two of the highly-regarded Wolfson 8742 DACs (in dual differential operation) to provide a clear sonic presentation unlike anything else in its price range.
Don't forget your analog! Add the excellent 651P Phono Stage ($229 - -both MM & MC) and your turntable will thank you!
The Cambridge Audio 650R 7.1 HDMI Audio / Video Receiver and 651BD Blu-ray/Universal Disc Player Cambridge's brand-new flagship A/V receiver is mind-bogglingly good. They've managed to combine the latest in video support technologies (HDMI 1.3, analog-to-digital video transcoding, etc.) with state-of-the-art multi-channel audio processing (including separate stereo DACs for left & right channels), all wrapped in an impressive low resonance acoustically damped chassis. 100 Watts per channel (7 channels) means the 650R is capable of driving even difficult speaker loads with ease. As great an A/V receiver as it is, though, it never loses sight of its audiophile roots - its reproduction of music in simple 2-channel operation is consistently involving and musical. If it sounds as though we really, really like the 650R, you're right. Particularly when paired with the spectacular new 651BD (or 751BD) Blu-ray/Universal player. Been waiting for someone to do a true audiophile-grade, 3D-compatible Blu-ray player? Wait no more!. 650R AV Receiver: $1,599; 651BD Blu-ray/Universal player: $799. We also have Special Close-out pricing on the 650BD: $599
The 650R A/V Receiver and 651BD Blu-ray/Universal Disc Player
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