Sorbothane Isolation Pods

Clean up those vibes!

These 2" diameter half-rounds are specially manufactured for us to our specifications by the good folks at Sorbothane, Inc. Unlike the other pods out there, we've chosen the lowest durometer (softest) Sorbothane available. These are extremely well-suited to the task of absorbing and dissipating energy (vibrations) that can have deleterious effects on your audio system. Simply put four of these under a component, flat side up, and you've effectively isolated it from a wide variety of nasties.

We particularly recommend these underneath tubed preamplifiers and phono stages, although benefits can also be heard under digital transports and processors. We DON'T recommend them for use under big, heavy amplifiers, where they'll simply squash down until they've lost their damping capabilities. (If you must use them under heavier components, start with four pods under a 15-20 pound component and add a pod for every additional 5 pounds of weight.) We also warn you to keep these away from extreme heat, as the Sorbothane can melt. Fortunately, we price these cheap enough , just $5.00 each (no fancy packaging and we didn't pay extra to have our logo on them!) that you can buy bunches of them and experiment for yourself. You'll be surprised how many other uses these have around the house!
And don't forget Black Hole Sorbothane Dots!

These little beauties are only 3/4" across and 3/8" high, meaning they're ideal for places where the bigger guys aren't practical or for lighter and/or smaller components where the larger size isn't necessary. They provide the same great vibration damping control as their bigger brothers and can be used in the same manner (though they can only handle about half the weight of the Pods) but, because of their size, have dozens of other uses, like replacing the little rubber dots that are standard shelf supports for many equipment racks, or as substitutes for the cheap little stick-on feet that come with many components.

Here's the best part: They're $1.00 each! That's right, only ONE BUCK. Buy 'em by the dozen!

Isolation Dots