DG-48 Digital Voicing Equalizer

We've been following the progress of DSP room correction for several years. Look at it this way: there is no "perfect" listening room. There's always the "physical" method of room treatment, via Tube Traps and the plethora of imitators available but, since the beginning of digital, it's been many an engineers goal to find a way to correct the inherent problems in the listening environment through digital means. Just generate a specific series of test tones, sample the results, and let a computer equalize the audio signal to compensate for the rooms deficiencies. Simple?

NOT so simple.

There were a lot of roadblocks here that weren't immediately apparent, among them, the sheer computing power needed to effectively cover the audio range without obvious, and unmusical, artifacts. (We've heard several early attempts from other companies that, while somewhat effective, would rob the resultant audio signal of depth or "presence" or simply add a steely "glare" to the music.)

As usual, Accuphase didn't want to jump into the fray until they had something that was a quantum improvement over anything extant. And this they did.

At one of the audio shows several years ago we had the privilege of using the original DG-28 for digital room correction. It was astonishing. After a few minutes of perusing the owners manual, we set up the sampling microphone (supplied) where our heads would be in the listening chair, hit a button on the remote to start the frequency generator, and watched. For the next five minutes, the DG-28 generated test tones in minute steps for both left and right channels, digitally recording the results. With each consecutive "pass", we could see, on the front panel display, exactly what correction was taking place i.e., bringing "dips" up and "spikes" down, until the graphic display showed an essentially flat response. We then played a CD, hitting the "bypass" button on the remote as we listened, and were astonished at the increase in lower midrange clarity and bass definition, without ANY apparent damage to the sound!

No question, this is truly a "breakthrough" product. And it's been made even moreso in its current incarnation, the DG-48. With more computing power and higher resolution the DG-48 is even more transparent than its predecessor and is able to tame the most grievous sonic problems with ease. Call us at 707-575-8626 for pricing.

Fully digital signal processing Voicing Equalizer

High-speed 40-bit floating point DSP devices

Separate digital filters for Voicing and Equalizer sections

Wide-format color LCD panel allows direct writing of response curve with stylus pen

Freely programmable 20 pattern memory

Real-time spectrum analyzer for music signal and microphone input

Analog and digital inputs/outputs provided as standard

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